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Small Event Package

The most intimate silent auctions will benefit from this package. We will select our finest  and highest converting items for your event.

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Medium Event Packages

Events from 10 to 15 tables would be best served with this package. We select our most popular and highest converting items.

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Large Event Packages

Our Largest Package. We will select a Wide Selection of the Highest Quality Jewlery, High Volume Bid-Proven styles.

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How our Consignment Packages Work:

Prestige Cause Marketing staff works with your event coordinator to choose the right items for your event. The items are selected based upon each individual event. We assist in selecting items that have the potential to bring the greatest profits to your event. This is based upon demographics and information provided by the organization.

Each item has a consignment price. We suggest starting each item at 20% above the consignment price in the auction. This guarantees your organization a profit if the item sells. Most items will bring amounts significantly higher than the consignment price.

For Example:

An item has a consignment cost of $80. You set your minimum bid at $100. The silent auction proceeds and the item ends with a bid of $180. Your charity just made $100.


Not Sure Which Package Fits?

Contact us and we will work with you to design the right package for your event.

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