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Prestige Cause Marketing can help your organization raise more revenue at your next fundraising event with our No Cost and No Risk services.

History of Success

We have been successfully helping charities raise money with our consignment auction items for over 20 years.

Here to Serve You

For your Gala Events, Award Dinners, School & Church Fundraisers, Golf Outings, and many other nonprofit organizations.


Our Services Include:

  • Supplementing items to your already donated auction items
  • Complete Auction Management for large events
  • Auction Strategy- Best items for your event
  • Attending and Supervising auction
  • Consignment Packages for small events
  • Prepared Bidding Sheets and Auction Total Reports
  • Online Preview of auction items

Customized Items for Maximum Profits

We assist in selecting items that have the potential to bring the greatest profits to your event. This is based upon demographics and information provided by the organization. Prestige Cause Marketing will provide a customized assigned bid sheet which gives the description of the item, list the minimum bid amount that will be accepted and the incremental bid increase.


Next Steps...

For more information, click the button and contact us. We will work with you to increase the odds for your most successful event ever.